VPS9 leads in Virtual Private Server solutions offering both Managed and Unmanaged VPS Packages On Linux And Windows Environments, that are perfect for both novice and advanced users looking for the perfect VPS. Our VPS Solutions are highly scalable and powerful compared to dedicated servers, without its high cost. Virtual Private Server is an excellent choice for those looking for flexibility, reliability, security and scalability. It is perfect for high resource web applications that demand more power and resources than shared hosting.

  • Reliability and Uptime : Need more resources for your VPS on the fly? With our scalable system your demands are fulfilled, without any downtime and no moving around of files, settings or databases.
  • High Performance : Our VPS Nodes are all custom built with industry leading hardware running the latest Quad Core Intel CPUs and RAID-10 Protected Storage for redundancy and performance. We do not compromise when it comes to performance.
  • Premium Network and Bandwidth : Our network includes many premium providers such as Level3, AboveNet and NLayer. We have high redundancy and great peering globally with on-site staff 24/7/365.
  • Fast and Quality : We have the best staff in the hosting industry. Not only do our staff have decades of combined experience, they’re also extremely professional and helpful. For Managed VPS users, we will install, configure and update your software free of charge. Our goal is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Affordable solutions, 15 Day Guarantee : VPS9 offers the most cost effective solutions for your web-hosting needs. Don’t like our services? Ask for your money back within 15 Days, simple as that.
  • Choose your own control panel : Some people like cPanel, some like Plesk. Others like DirectAdmin, so we just offer them all three. Attached to the command line? Order your VPS without control panel.

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