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vps9 offer

Discount Rate 10%

resell program 5-14 VPS
resell program

Discount Rate 20%

vps9 offer 21-30 VPS
resell program

Discount Rate 15%

vps9 offer 15-20 VPS
resell program

Discount Rate 25%

vps9 offer 31+ VPS

VPS Resellers

Are you purchasing Multiple VPS or want to Resell VPS to your clients and friends?

We have two great options for you through our Affiliate Program and Bulk Discount.

To Join our lucrative Reseller Program contact, this program works for all of our packages and services. You can refer friends and families alike.

Our VPS Resellers program starts from the 3rd VPS active purchase, contact Sales Team through Live Chat or Open Support Ticket through the client area. We`ll attach your account with a unique discount coupon code, which you can use for future orders (one coupon code can be used per order). You are even eligible for public discounts given on our website.

When you reach the next discount level, we will generate a new discount code applicable for future orders. Existing active packages do not qualify for the new discount level. In case, your number of VPS servers count drops below the respective discount slab, the discount coupon value will be reduced to the previous discount level.

Note: If you have any questions, Feel free to email

Dedicated Servers Reselling Discount Slabs ..!

Monthly Invoice(Euros)Monthly Fee DiscountSetup Fee Discount
TIER 1500-1,9995%10%
TIER 22,000-3,99910%25%
TIER 34,000-7,99915%50%
TIER 48,000-14,99920%75%
TIER 515,000+25%100%