affiliate marketing definition

What is Affiliate Marketing: A Basic Overview

I have read so many blogs stating that “become a millionaire within a month with an affiliate program”. Trust me, affiliate marketing is not something you can start earning millions in a span of one month. It requires commitment and uniqueness. If you are not sure what exactly is affiliate marketing then let us know the definition of “affiliate marketing”.

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Facebook fake account img

Why people create Facebook fake account?

So you might be thinking about the recent update from Facebook regarding the closure of more than 3 billion facebook fake accounts over a period of 6 months. Basically, we will be thinking why is it necessary to close the fake accounts. Of course, Facebook will be in profit by having so many accounts. If you think in this way then it is completely wrong. Now let us see why it is wrong and “why people create a facebook fake account.”

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google search history

Want to turn off your google search history feature? Know how

You might have observed many times that you search for something on google and close it but still, the same thing appears everywhere. Whether you are browsing a video on youtube or buying a VPS Hosting on google, you can see the same ads in all the Google platforms. But why it is like this? It is because Google saves all your search history, understand your requirements and what you like, then try to showcase it in all its platforms. Today we will see “how to turn off your google search history feature?”.

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