Zend Guard – Protect your PHP code

Zend Guard – Protect your PHP code

Zend Guard is the most widely distributed PHP encryption product on the market. Available for over 7 years, Zend’s dedicated team of developers makes it the most stable and robust encoder on the market. It protects PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications from reverse engineering, unauthorized customization, unlicensed use and redistribution.

Why Organizations Need PHP Encoders

Here’s how PHP encoders happened.
PHP’s rate of growth was incredible. it had been very hard in believing the statistics from Net craft. The numbers continued to point out increasing adoption. Organizations needed a PHP encoder that protected the ASCII document of the apps they sold. However, there have been some technology barriers. Even though it had many advanced features, PHP 3 had some significant shortcomings. one among the key shortcomings was its execution engine. As application complexity increased, engine performance declined. This made it infeasible to distribute a PHP app in any form apart from its original ASCII document. This changed with PHP 4, which came within the mid-2000. PHP 4 includes the first version of the Zend Engine. And this execution engine resembles in some ways the execution engine that’s in PHP 7.

What Zend Engine Does

A separate component then iterates over this intermediate code and executes it. albeit the engine has since evolved, it still operates equivalently. and therefore, the appearance of intermediate code hasn’t changed. Adding Zend Engine because the new PHP execution model enabled huge performance gains. PHP 4 is dramatically faster than PHP 3. Adding Zend Engine to PHP 4 also paved the way for language-plugins. they will tie into the execution engine and perform ‘brain surgery’ thereon. for instance, with plugins, PHP users can take the simplest use of concepts like:

  • Opcode cache.
  • Debuggers.
  • Whitebox performance monitoring.
  • Executing apps distributed in forms apart from ASCII document.

The Change – From Zend Compiler to Zend Encoder to Zend Guard

With the market demand established and thus the technological barrier removed via Zend Engine, a PHP encoder called Zend Compiler was created. As the years gone by, the Zend Compiler evolved and it had been renamed as Zend Encoder and later once the ASCII document and licensing capabilities were added, it had been renamed as Zend Guard. Zend Guard dates back to 2001. it had been the first commercial product Zend offered and it drove the creation of the company. the thought for the merchandise came from the large numbers of companies who used PHP 3 during the dotcom boom.

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