Best way to Protect Your online Business Against DDOS Attacks

In recent days there are many company website which is facing some serious threat of downtime, caused by DDoS Attack, which protecting is a bit expensive but a necessary task. DDoS attacks can quickly turn into a nightmare of frustration for business owners, especially without a plan.

Distributed denial of service is a threat to business continuity, and most often causes more than downtime: lost revenue, customer support issues, and brand damage are just a few of the concerns.

According to a recent study by Arbor Networks, the average DDoS attack size has dramatically grown in 2013, with average bits per second (BPS) attack size up 43% so far this year, and 46.5% of attacks now over 1Gbps, a jump of 13.5% from 2012.

It’s wishful thinking to imagine that your business will never be affected. If you rely on your website as a source of income, a company portal – or any other vital business asset – you need to develop a DDoS attack protection plan that can quickly and efficiently steer you out of no man’s land and back online.

“Attacks are becoming easier to launch, tougher to stop. You don’t want to be blindsided by an attack and scramble for a solution when it’s already too late. Develop policies, get in touch with a vendor, and build the relationships you need in advance. Having a plan in place will significantly reduce downtime, and make mitigating the attack a much simpler process.”

Here you can find few key points for your business to be active in safeguarding their company from DDos Attack :

Evaluate your risk. What industry do you belong to? There are some industries far more prone to DDoS attacks than others. High risk categories include government, financial services, gaming, gambling, and adult websites.

Make upstream friends. If your company is part of any of the industries above, you’ll want to develop a contact with your ISP and hosting company. Right at the onset of an attack, you should get in touch with your hosting company and ask them what type of traffic patterns they are seeing. This will help you determine the scope of the attack, and pinpoint what is being targeted; doing this will help tremendously when looking for a DDoS protection provider.

Have DDoS protection on standby. Due to the level and sophistication of attacks, it’s not just about simple hardware/software solutions anymore. While these techniques do come into play, your best asset is having an expert available to deploy DDoS mitigation techniques in real-time. You can either host your site with a company that offers DDoS protection, or keep an emergency contact on speed dial. The choice you make largely depends on the level and frequency of the attacks your company is faced with.

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