Does Really Co-Working Space Matters for Web Hosts?

Startups are growing at speed of 100 everywhere, as per the world research nearly 1.32 million start-ups entrenched and 472 million entrepreneurs kick started with their new venture. The solitary reason behind this growth is the growing population and need of employment. Every young star is focusing and passionate towards starting their own business but within affordable budgets and funds. Young minds are moving very immensely in the entrepreneurship phase of their lives, they want to work as boss rather than as an employee.

Co-Working Benefits for Web Hosting Team

What Co-working Refers To

Co-working space is the trendiest and affordable option for the new start-ups to mark their business presence in the current business world. Generally Co-working space refers to business service that involves sharing premises, space, supplies and resources with the multiple autonomously working organizations, freelancers and self-employed individuals. Co-working space service providers allocate the general work space environment among their customers, the co-working space customers.

Resources the individuals shares within Co-working Space are-

  1. Shared work space.
  2. Board meeting & Conference halls need to be engaged as and when needed.
  3. 24/7 admittances to work zone.
  4. Shared Internet & Wi-Fi connections.
  5. Prevailing lounges, kitchens and restrooms.
  6. Shared printers, fax machines and scanners.

Why Freelancing Web Hosting Team Need Physical Work Space

Working from home is good option but fails to results as expected. Especially, in case of startups work from home option fails due to the less face-to-face contact with the team on work aspects. The reason startups choose work from home option is to work with the less costs and expenses, cites to preserving the office premises and resources costs.

Your work from home decision affects the environment of home, may be due to calls and meetings. In few instances this option works very effectively but not for all the startups and businesses. For web hosting team there will be lots of work based on the hosting services the company is providing. If the web hosting company has their own data centers, various hosting services, subsequently they need good resources and team work.

Here arises a question – what is the best alternate mode when we cannot afford separate work place

“Co-working space”, the most affordable and trending solution when separate work place cannot be availed. Co-working space doesn’t refers to just a physical work space or offices or renting the space in someone’s office premises, it is the most economical service where individual organizations will be involved in growing their startups. As a web hosting startup company you will get all the desired resources you need for your company and team upliftment.

With Co-working space service you will be sharing fax, scanners, printers, work space premise and lot more. You or your team will not own the working space resources, but you will be sharing these resources with the other working organizations within the co-working space environment. Also you will get the meeting rooms, conference halls with Internet connections, Wi-Fi and conference call facilities for private client discussions. You have to pay as you use the resources.

Co-working space is less expensive in comparison to traditional working space, the reason is co-working space is based on pay-as-you-use model.

Co-working space is not suitable for certain web hosting companies

If you wish to grow your hosting company with hardware, massive servers and lots of clients, then co-working space is not a good option.

If you are thinking to go with latest cloud hosting services where you can buy larger capacity of cloud data space from cloud hosting providers, then co-working space will best the option for you.

One of the vital benefits of working with co-working space ambience is the opportunity to gain clients. For instance, if the entrepreneurs in co-working space are into web designing then you can host their websites by contacting with them.


Co-working space is the impeccable decision for web hosting startups, as it is full of new startups and entrepreneurs, who can be your web hosting clients until you reach the high income goal and leave your foot prints in the web hosting industry to buy your own private office premises.

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