How to Identify Bad Web Host Service Provider

If you are fresh start up of online business venture, trying to target and hit the market then web hosting is the do follow aspect to reach the goal. Web host plays the most crucial role in bringing the favorable outcome from your online business venture. In the list of steps for launching a website or blog, web hosting is the foundation step and picking up the good web hosting service provider is often known as toughest job.

Selecting a good web host is always recommended has important, as it showcases your online presence, speed of your site, better search engine optimization, loads the graphics faster and links. So be choosy while selecting the web host for your website.

Poor web host service

Hosting your website with bad web host not only induce your search engine rankings also causes loss of money. If you are big business venture and new to web hosting then choose VPS, Managed VPS or Cloud VPS Hosting Services.

Here are some of the signs that warn you about your bad web host.

1. Excessive Downtime:

Website’s good uptime is the main aspect for its good performance. Too much downtime impacts overall performance your website, like seo rankings, sales & conversions, reliability and customer relationship. Every web hosting service provider promises about 99% uptime, but only few of them fulfill this promise. Even if your website is facing 1% of downtime, then it’s the clear indication that this is a bad web host and you need to switch your web host right now, start your search for reliable web hosting service provider who provides 99% uptime for your website.

2. Poor Customer Support:

Customer support is also main aspect because, many of business people will be new to web hosting and its functionalities. A good web hosting company will provide 24/7 expertise customer support team to solve customers’ technical issues, Customer support team should always be available to solve your queries be it about it billing, virus attacks, website back-up, network connectivity and so on. If you are not getting the proper support for your web hosting services then probably it’s time to walk away.

3. Restricted Bandwidth Allotment:

Even though the web hosting company ensures you to provide unlimited bandwidth, they will set the fair limit for the bandwidth usage in back-end, so as a customer it’s your responsibility to read the hosting company’s policy carefully and identify the bandwidth limit. Because bandwidth limit can affect your website rankings, seo, social media and paid campaigns. If your website is taking more time to load, reason behind this is restricted bandwidth usage from your web host. You can solve this issue by upgrading your hosting plans or change the web host company or subscribe for vps hosting plans.

4. Security Issues:

Always give 1st preference to your website security, in general it may look has its secured but most of the web host companies don’t offer basic security to their clients. If you not found any security features such as antivirus software, Ddos protection, firewall technology and anti-malware applications from your web host, you are at risk of losing your website information and even your website can get hacked. Many of the web host companies that provide cheap hosting plans will not offer you the above security features, will leave your website open to get hacked. Choose the best web host that provides the best security in order to secure and keep your website information safe.

5. Affecting Website SEO:

Over all SEO performance of your website doesn’t depend on your web host, but aspects such as downtime, limited bandwidth usage may greatly decrease website traffic hence effects seo , this results in losing the customers for your online business venture. In such cases observe the website for a while and check the seo overtime, if you are facing the issue regularly then it’s the indication to switch your web host.

6. Elevated Charges:

Hack in prices is common in all web hosting field to provide new technology and quality web hosting services. If you are noticing regularly hack in hosting plans, unable to manage the charges then better to go with alternative web host options. No doubt for better quality hosting services you have to pay but don’t over pay.


You will feel difficult find these indications, but you have to be smart enough to find them and report your web host for better services or switch to alternative web hosting service provider. Get your hands on VPS9.Net Web Hosting Services once, you will find the quality web hosting services at affordable services.

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