Changing MX-entries

You can use the Modify Mail Exchanger(MX Entry) function to change where a domain’s email is delivered to. This allows you to have the email from one domain delivered to another domain. Just follow these simple steps :1 To access the Mail Menu, click on the icon above the word Mail on the main screen of your cPanel interface.2 Click on Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry).

3 The current MX entries will be listed on this screen. Click on Change an MX Entry to modify one of those entries.

4 Select the domain you wish to change the entry for from the drop box.

5 Enter the new destination domain in the blank field and click Change.

NOTE: If the entry was changed successfully, the following will appear (except the domains listed will be the ones you are using):

MX Entry Saved

The MX entry for has been changed to

The local mail configuration has been updated!

Important ::: You will need to make the MX entry point to a domain that you are in control of so you can get the mail once it is sent to that domain. Invalid domain names will not work.

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