How does Shared hosting affects search engine Ranking?

As we all know shared hosting server’s resources are being distributed among many clients. Websites which are hosted under shared hosting servers Share single IP. where many websites may contain toxic content which leads other users in server to loose their search engine positions. Now lets discus in detail how does it will affect?

search engine ranking

Shared hosting Resources :

In this service, server’s resources are being shared. The Server IP address is used to host different domains which may include Spam content. As your Website is also hosted under same Server using server IP, It loose search engine visibility. Purchasing an extra IP is quite expensive for the newbies.

Effects of using shared hosting resources :

  • In case If you own a dedicated IP along with shared hosting plan, Then compare website Search engine, hosted using shared IP and after redirecting website to dedicated IP. If a dedicated IP can give you better ranking than a shared one then stick to the dedicated IP. Otherwise you can stop using dedicated IP from next renewal date.
  • Additional IP address will help you to work on trackback or link back. For an instance, You have posted a website link in a Guest blog which links to other blogs. These blogs may contain spam content. Many Spam prevention plugins like askimet then check these link backs or trackbacks to allow further or no. If these toxic blogs are hosted under same server and using same IP address then your website link will be discarded. Having a dedicated IP for a website will help you to get genuine trackbacks.
  • For E-commerce websites its important to have dedicated IP with SSL certificate. Users or clients who sign up, look for data security. It helps you to convince a new visitor that all transactions are secured and will not be shared.
  • Many websites are hosted under same shared hosting server. All websites may have different range of traffic. A high traffic website can affect the loading speed of other websites hosted in server. If your Website loading speed is very low then, the visitors will not be interested to wait for a page to load or brows other webpages. Hence results in high bounce rate, and lose search engine ranking. Avoid complex flash presentation in your website. Check loading speed of your website often. Make sure page loads quickly and clearly.
  • Low quality service maintenance results insufficient resources, decrease in loading speed and low Search engine ranking. When you share a server’s resources among many domains being hosted, make sure that the server is maintained properly and data will be secured. So, Choose your host wisely. For example, Some websites are declared infected or being malware, means the server is not secure and still no security constraint are been set to the server. Which makes the website inaccessible.

Shared resources will not really effect the website ranking. A dedicated IP will be useful for large websites that has low loading speed and an impact of slow loading websites with flash presentations hosted under same server. Dedicated IP will effect little for these kind of websites. For normal Website SEO, a Shared hosting resources are enough.

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