The Simple Definition of web server

I know there are millions of articles on google, and when you search for “web server” you will get the list of all those articles but still, you will not get the exact meaning of web server. So let’s make it easy and understandable with a simple definition of web server

If you are from the technical background it will be easy for you to understand the meaning of web server but if you are from the non-technical background you will get confused between HTTP, WWW and so on.

Now Let us See the Simplest Definition of Web Server 

Web Servers consists of the software, physical server, and the operating system which store, deliver and process the web pages to the end-users. The communication which takes place between the client and the server is by using the “Http” which is nothing but the Hypertext Transfer protocol.

Web server is commonly known as internet server also.

The end-user or the web browser or the web crawler who is the user starts the communication with the server by initiating the request to a particular query using HTTP and the server provides this request to the user if it is available and if it is not available then it provides the error message.

For ex: Let’s understand the definition of web server with this real-time example,  If we are searching for and by mistake, we type which is not available with the server then the server gives an error message as below:

Along with the error message, the server also provides with the alternative solution. It also gives the proper link to VPS9.Net

Functions of Web Server

Although the primary function of the web server is to provide the information asked by the user, it also differs by the ways of receiving content from the client.

Many servers support server-side scripting using ASP (Active Server Pages) PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) or other scripting languages. This means that the server behaviour can be altered by the scripting languages but the original server software remains unchanged.

Web servers are also embedded into printers, routers, webcams and so on.


Web server is a very simple term to understand but as the technology develops, the meaning of web server will become more complicated. Now in today’s era, the web server is an important part and its meaning should be known by everyone. Hope you understood the definition of web server in simplest way.

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