What is a SSL?

What is a SSL?

The most important thing in running an online business requires security of the resources and for security most people spend their time to search a reliable web hosting services. Specially when the transaction is just so important like in the case of valuable and sensitive personal data being transferred over the internet, if that data lands in the wrong hands, the results could be disastrous.

SSL which is also known as Secure Socket Layer technology is been developed to protect data online when it is being transferred from one website to another. When the data is in transit, it is susceptible to hack attempts, and SSL makes sure that no third party is able to access this critical data.

A SSL is necessary for sites which deals with online money and bank transactions like online stores, ecommerce websites, auction sites etc. It is important because it is one of the most reliable means to safeguard the privacy and safety of your customer’s private data with secure transaction of every bit online. Due to intruders attacks and malicious scripts clients look for SSL certificate enabled sites when buying anything online. They do not trust any website to be legitimate unless the site clearly states that it is SSL secure.

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