Who is Privacy protection

Why do you Need ‘Who is Privacy protection?’

Internet growth has reached phenomenal levels in the last few years, not just in India, but all across the world. More and more people are joining the World Wide Web to access information, interact, and communicate. The Internet has spurred the rapid growth of domain registrations across all segments. According to VeriSign, the registry that manages.COM & NET domains, there are over 250 million domain names registered worldwide as of today.

With the massive growth of the internet and domain names, there is a growing concern about rising cyber crimes and security threats. Whenever you register a domain name, you have to provide details with respect to billing, technical, administrative, and registrant details. These details indicate the ownership status of the domain and tell to who the domain belongs. As mandated by ICANN, every domain’s whois information must be made available on the public whois database. These details are displayed publically and can be accessed from anywhere by anyone. As the information is readily available, it makes it easier for cybercriminals to target your domain by misusing RABT details to perpetrate criminal activities.

To avert such incidents, domain Privacy protection comes in handy. Domain Privacy protection helps to hide Whois Info of the domain and prevents it from being publically displayed. Whois privacy protection replaces your personal RABT details with some default details making them invisible in the public Whois domain. So Whois Protection reduces the risks of misuse or security threats to your domain details substantially.

Majority of Domain Registrars provide Whois Privacy Protection as a Free Feature along with every domain while others might charge a small amount for the service. Check with your service provider if they are providing this feature or not. And if you would like to protect your domain details, it will be wise enough to activate Whois Privacy protection on every domain of yours.

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