5 Types of Videos Every Business Should Imply On Website

It’s good if large amount of traffic is flowing around your website with good number of customers and user interaction via contact us. Did you thought about doubling the current website traffic and how to do so? The answer is updating your website interactive, eye catchy and to the point defining images and videos. So, today we will explore the types of videos to be implemented by every business on their websites to make the user experience more interactive and engaging.

If the image has the potential to describe thousand words, then for sure video has the potential to describe trillion words. Online Streaming Videos are flying high in the sky, because the demand for online videos is increasing tremendously. So implementing the Videos in Your Website will bring good results for your business with increased engagement rate.

Reasons to Add Videos in Website

  1. Increases Conversion Rate.
  2. Boosts Engagement Rate.
  3. Converts visitors into real-time clients.
  4. Increases the user average time spent on your site.

Types of Videos That can be Featured on Website:

1. Company/Team Introduction Video:

Also named as About us Video. This video should represent your company’s creative minds(Yes, offcourse your team members)in creative and engaging way. This video can help the visitors picturize company’s trustworthiness, vision and goal, also can create the great impact if it defines the team work, co-ordination and personality of each team member.

Video Duration: The maximum video length of Company/Team Introduction video should be 3 minutes.

2. Product Testimony Video:

Do you own product/service based online business/website, would you like to give brief demonstration of your product/service to your visitors? If yes then design and create product tutorial video defining the Unique features and functions of your product/service. This video should be located on product page through this visitors stay for more time on your website. According to research 64% of visitors convert into customers because they are likely to purchase the product/services after watching the product intro video.

Video Duration: The maximum duration of Product/Service Intro video on website should be 1-2 minutes.

3. Promotional Video:

Promotional videos are also known as “Event Invitation Video”, these type of videos acts as personal invitation to your channel partners, existing customers, targeted visitors. Through promotional video on your website you can directly pitch and invite your website traffic & audience for Conference Meetings, Festive Events at Office, Inauguration or any other event with lots of buzz and feel of your brand, to do so you need to encourage the visitors with Clickable Call To Action Button that makes them to register for the events. This will boost your Website SEO Rankings & Performance.

Video Duration: Promotional Video on Website can be of 1-3 minutes duration.

4. Social Media Videos:

Social media pages and accounts are and will always play the significant roles in driving targeted traffic to the website. The company or business can promote and display paid ads for their products or services to drive specific targeted audience.

Posting the live videos and hosting the slider videos for your products and services on your social media channels increases 80% chance of driving traffic to your site in organic form. To do so Facebook Live Video is the best suggestion and product based introduction videos with minimal content and link.

Video Duration: Suggested to shorten the video length to keep your followers engaged and make them visit your website. The video length should be less then a minute or 30 seconds.

5. Expert Advice Videos:

When your company has reached the goal of driving organic targeted traffic but converting the into customers is the next goal, Expert video comes into the picture, according to research visitors will not be interested in buying your product or service until they explore your billing cart and buying process till 57%.

To make your visitors understand the process, prices, services and features of your product, Expert Videos can help you via comparison and differentiation the prices and services with your competitors with expertise suggestions and reviews on particular product. Also helps in building customer relationship and confidence.

Video Duration: Expert Video, video length should be 4 minutes max not more than 4 minutes.


We are excited to see which type of video do you implement and feature on your website. Hope you got the idea about what type of video you can suitable and featured for your business website. Videos are trending and have the power to grab the traffic.

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