types of SSL certificate

Different types of SSL certificates for your business

Usually, people think that Buying Hosting and a domain is sufficient to host the website online. But that is not true. After hosting your website, you should nurture it in order to make a business grow. SSL certificate plays a vital role in nurturing your website. In today’s blog, we will see “Different types of SSL certificates and the properties of each SSL certificate”.

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Facebook fake account img

Why people create Facebook fake account?

So you might be thinking about the recent update from Facebook regarding the closure of more than 3 billion facebook fake accounts over a period of 6 months. Basically, we will be thinking why is it necessary to close the fake accounts. Of course, Facebook will be in profit by having so many accounts. If you think in this way then it is completely wrong. Now let us see why it is wrong and “why people create a facebook fake account.”

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