Bounce in to Newly Launched WordPress Editor – Gutenberg

If you are Designer Friend is WordPress, then you would be willing and wishing for some innovative updates & changes in the current WordPress Editor from past many years but no more worries because Gutenberg is here.

Well their is a Big Good News for all WordPress users, Team WordPress worked behind the scenes for over 6 months to launch New WordPress Editor Gutenberg with the only aim To Make Substantial Content Adding Process Easy and Interesting editing experience that results in creative yet dynamic layouts.

Let’s Deep Dive & Know About WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Say Hi to Gutenberg!

The Newly launched WordPress Editor is codenamed as “GUTENBERG”. To get the works done we require lot’s of html code to be utilized that makes bloggers irritated. So they decided and implemented it, to make the process easier with lots of updated and featured layout options like separate columns, drop caps and many more.

Gutenberg Ideal Features:

  1. Parallax Images – Powerful Background Image mover in slow motion in 2D Sense.
  2. Drop caps – Design paragraph with a nice typographical flourish.
  3. Enhanced image gallery options.
  4. Simple Text Formatting / font size options.
  5. Easily drag and drop paragraphs vertically.
  6. Simply embed HTML code into content.
  7. Can do more with shortcodes for plugins.
  8. Special Columns and Preformatted options.
  9. Collection of default blocks(Paragraph, Quote, Image, Gallery, File, Columns, Button and many more)
Gutenberg Features
Gutenberg V/S Current WordPress Editor
Gutenberg Blocks Default Blocks

WordPress Editor Gutenberg is on Beta Test Mode now, wordpress team kept the test live so everyone can test and understand the features. Live Test Gutenberg by yourself.

When WordPress Editor Gutenberg Will be Officially Live & How to Install It?

WordPress team have decided to include it i WordPress 5.0 Version, it is launched officially as Plugin in WordPress 5.0. Download the plugin and start implementing for better designed layouts and post contents.

Download WordPress Editor Gutenberg WordPress Editor Plugin

Even the plugins compatibility with Gutenberg works very well, top plugins like

Yoast SEO and WooCommerce.
Conclusion:The New WordPress Editor Gutenberg is truly featured and Easy to design dynamic layouts for bloggers to dumb and arrange the content and for designing websites without having the designing knowledge in mannered way with featured options. Right now every blogger & designer would be running to download the Plugin to test it, implement it and design better.

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