Data protection – Retention requirements for Unmanaged KVM VPS Hosting

Data and Backup are Important aspects of Any Organization/Business. And now the Organizations pay high for Data protection and Backups. A Free Management Support is given by Web hosting companies will be only limited for Managed VPS/Servers. For Unamaged VPS Client need to handle and monitor all the activities of VPS.

When it comes to guarantee the highest feasible encryption levels for online transactions. We understand the importance and the needs for data protection.Here is the unmanaged KVM VPS Hosting data protection as well as retention checklist to understand why and how these appearance plays essential role towards resources.

KVM VPS Hosting

Data Protection and retention checklist

Server Firewall: Setup for firewall such as ConfigSever Firewall (CSF) that allows to block for public access towards provided services. Allow only connections for ports, further which will be utilize for IMAP, POP3, SMIP as well as FTP account protocols. This CSF permits highly configured and yet user friendly interface, so that easily can manage setting of firewall.

Real-time application monitoring & web access control: ModSecurity is an Open Source Web Application Firewall, A Protective shield against new emerging attacks targeting vulnerabilities in public software and provides virtual patches. Enable real-time web application security monitoring as this permits you to gain HTTPS visibility as well to enhance high configured advanced protections.

Anti-virus protection: This is a Basic yet important factor to consider once your Unmanaged VPS is setup. Setup for anti-virus engines such as ( ClamAV|Linux Malware Detect|RootKit Hunter|ConfigServer eXploit Scanner – Are Some of the Anti-virus Used on Linux VPS hosting. which is used to detect viruses, malware and other malicious aspects. This is an open-source solution, available as same as cPanel plugin).

Logfile scanner: This enable server monitoring against any kind of DDoS protection aspects. It permits to identity and manage unauthorized access towards your server. This is used to increase in security, awareness of networks overall problems. As well detect failed processes, cron jobs and services easily.

Consideration towards security:

This helps to prepare well-advance against emerging attack threats towards server.

  1. Strong passwords
  2. Default SSH port
  3. Root user login – Disable
  4. Rootkit scanner – Check with this tool
  5. Allow daily backups
  6. Software updations

Retention requirement for unmanaged KVM VPS Hosting:

As everyone is aware of this fact that data hosted on Server is lifeblood of an organization. So Constant uptime is given high-priority, where data is online and constantly accessible. RAID Hardware use to protect all data present on server against failure of hard-disk. This system provides significant advantage in terms of both data protection as well as maintenance of 100% uptime, also improves the performance of different services on server.

VPS9Networks provides Free DDOS Protection against the attacks and vulnerabilities to secure your data. Hope all the above aspects assist you about security aspects to be consider while taking KVM VPS Hosting for your business.

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