How CDN Helps Improving Website Performance?

As website showcases your Business/Services/Products to the digital word, Website speed, performance and user friendly experience is what matters the most for good ROI and Popularity, Here CDN comes into play . To survive and keep your online business on the high peak, in this Digital Aeon amplifying your website’s use experience should be your foremost task.

Importance of Website Loading Speed, User-Friendly Experience?

Always keep enhancing your site speed, user friendly experience and loading time because it plays a significant role in SEO PR Score for your site, as the search engines crawl and index your site according to the needs of visitors. Even this can effect your site traffic sources, increases the bounce rate as well as conversion rate because the research proves that no visitor has the patience to wait for the webpage that takes more than 10 seconds to load.

How CDN Can Enhance Website Performance?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) as it full form defines its role, is the Server that delivers the content of the websites according to the Geographical Location of the user who is in search for it via the “Distributed Data Centers” across the globe.

CDN reserves the cached version of each website content in all the geographical locations named as POPs (Points of Presence), shrinks the distance between the visitor’s location and your website content. Looking for the fast blazing hosting services with CDN as well, then go for VPS9.Net Hosting Services Featured and affordable hosting services.

Website Performance - CDN

VPS9 Hosting Services with CDN

CDN Offers the Following Advantages for Enhancing the Website

  1. Speedy Page Loads: Improves the page speed by serving the site’s content through the nearest Distributed Data Center.

  2. Manages High Website Traffic : CDN manages the High Website Traffic very effectively by balancing the loading time and content delivering through the multiple caching servers.

  3. Prevents DDoS Attacks: It Protects your website and web applications from DDos Attacks.

  4. Decreased Bandwidth Usage: Bandwidth usage will be reduced because the content will be available locally. Due to Multiple Distributed Servers connected to one Single Centralised Server decreases the bandwidth usage.

  5. Detailed Analytic: Via CDN Vendors Dashboard you can analyse detailed usage of bandwidth, page loading time of your site.

  6. No Downtime Issues: It keeps your site up and available even if your host server is down due to cached website content in multiple servers.


Build and maintain a good performing, speedy and user friendly website with proper CDN implementation. Host with VPS9.Net Hosting Services for speedy website performance.

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