How to Discover the Exact Search Volume of Keyword

Keyword Research is the most important skill for Digital Marketers, because keywords are the base for online business website to rank well on all popular Search Engines for targeted audience and get better ROI for the company. To do so we should find the smarter ways to know the exact Search Volume of Keyword.

Just getting the visitors to the website will not work getting the right targeted visitors is what the goal should be. To bring targeted audience to website, we need to be smarter enough in keyword research and choosing the particular keyword for the its exactsearch volume and competition.

But now it’s the easy to find exact search volume for each keyword through online keyword planner tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, Search and many more.

The queries arrive here are how to judge the keywords, on basis we should select the particular keyword for the website. Let’s clear these queries.

Smarter Ways and Process to Find Search Volume of Keywords

First thing to note before starting keyword research for any website is understanding the whether the website provides services, products or informative.

Start Keyword Research with these Simple Process:

  1. List down the brand specific keywords for instance ( brand specific keyword will be “VPS9”, “VPS9VPS Hosting”)
    VPS9 VPS Hosting Service
    VPS9 Best Web Hosting Service Provider
  2. List down the product category keywords for instance ( category keyword will be “Web Hosting”)
    Web Hosting Category
    VPS9 comes under web hosting category
  3. Expand your keyword list via Online Keyword Research Tools.
    Keyword Tools Online
    Online Keyword Tools
  4. Research on your targeted audience and list down the keywordsfor instance(’s targeted audience is people who want to host their websites and “web hosting services”)
    Target Audience Keywords
    VPS9 Target Audience Keywords
  5. Rectify keyword list with competitors for instance(’s competitors are Hostforgeeks, dotblock)
    VPS9 competitor keywords
    VPS9 Web Hosting Competitors

Now open your refined Keyword list according to the categories mentioned above, Open up your ideal Keyword Research Tool enter your refined keywords one by one and get the accurate search volume, competition, cost and suggestions for each keyword. List down all the values and expand your keyword list according to the suggestions from the keyword research tools.

Refine Final Keywords List with Accurate Keyword Search Volume

Once after getting the accurate search volume for all the keywords listed before, refine these keywords accordingly with your targeted audience and use wisely in website content for better SEO results and to bring organic visitors to your website. Also include you brand name, competitor keywords and generic keywords in your refined keyword list.

List of Kicky Keyword Tools:

  1. Google Keyword Planner : Most used and popular keyword research tool by all Digital Marketing Experts for paid ads as well as for organic relevant keyword research.
  2. Moz Keyword Explorer : Popularly used keyword research tool to discover and define the accurate keywords to target.
  3. Google Trends : One of the best tool to get the real-time searches overall world.
  4. Uber Suggest : Best keyword tool to check the search volume of particular keyword and get several suggestions at the same time.


Be wise while planning and prioritising the keywords for your website, because keywords play the role of water for surviving of your website on top search engines and bringing in the relevant traffic. Plan out the keyword research and use the above mentioned keyword tools to refine the accurate keyword search volume. Share your ideal keyword tools with us, let us know in the comments below.

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