HyperV or Virtuozzo

Windows VPS Hosting with HyperV or Virtuozzo

What is VPS? In simple words, VPS(Virtual Private Server) is a virtual server hosted inside the dedicated server which utilizes shared resources like CPU,RAM,HDD etc. VPS bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS provides the flexibility and feel of the dedicated hosting service in the cost of shared hosting service. VPS is created inside Dedicated Server using virtualization technology.What is virtualization?Virtualization means running a system virtually besides the top of another system. The technique of virtualization equally utilized by networks as well as servers.Server virtualization uses the method of virtualization for whole Hosting server where every parent server’s resources are divided into a virtual child server and all the child servers will run on the superior parent server.There are many virtualization technologies available now a days. They are as :
  • HyperV
  • Virtuozzo
  • VMWare
  • KVM
  • VirtualBox
  • ESXi
  • RHEV
  • & many other..
Let we discuss about HyperV and Virtuozzo with its pros and corns.What is HyperV?HyperV is the virtualization platform where simultaneously multiple Operating System can be operated on the top of Host Operating System. HyperV is created by Microsoft for providing virtualization in Windows OS to create VPS. HyperV is a hypervisor-based virtualization technology which uses isolation of virtual server in terms of the partition. A hypervisor instance needs one or more parent partition in main node and this parent partition has direct access for the hardware devices. The parent partition creates the child partitions where guest Operating System will run.
A child Partition has virtual view of hardware resources therefore it does not have direct access for the physical resources of main node however it may be redirected via VMBus. The VMBus can be a logical channel which can be used for inner partition interactions.Pros of HyperV :Dedicated RAM : HyperV provides the advantage of providing dedicated RAM for all child node which will improves overall performance of VPS.Any OS Installation : In HyperV based VPS we are able to install & run almost any Operating Systems such as windows or linux based OS.OS Updates & Security Patches : We are able to update OS as well as install Security patches whenever we want in own VPS as it will not conflict any other VPS of the same network.Cons of Hyper V :No Audio Hardware Support : HyperV fails to support Audio Hardware in VPS.USB passthrough : We can not share/transfer data into VPS through USB, as HyperV does not provides facility of accessing Virtual USB ports or COM ports directly into VPS. However, sharing of USB drives can be performed using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.Optical drives passthrough : We are not able to use Optical drive of main server in HyperV as it does not give you the facility to work with parent node’s optical drives on guest VPS therefore, burning to discs is not supported.What is Virtuozzo?Virtuozzo is an OS level virtualization technology that virtualizes the Operating System instead of the hardware and that is suitable for large-scale server environments or data centers. Virtuozzo is a container based virtualization technology.
Virtuozzo is a third-party application which is created by Parallels Inc. Virtuozzo totally operates in a mixture of kernel and user space within a proprietary kernel that permits child nodes to completely borrow resources as required and as long as they are available on the parent node.Using the Virtuozzo Containers it is easy to utilize the servers by three times over hypervisor solutions that provides cost saving advantages not only in maintenance and energy costs but also by reduction of new server expenses.Pros of VirtuozzoPlatform Independent : In Virtuozzo we are able to install & run almost any Operating System such as windows or linux based OS which works better for the Hosting Provider.GUI based Web Power panel : Virtuozzo itself provides a web-based GUI named as Virtuozzo Power Panel. This panel enables users to handle and manage the servers without using complex commands.Simple and easy restore : Virtuozzo provides an easy visual user interface than HyperV, along with the ability to have full root accessibility and restore an individual file or the entire VPS as required.Cons of Virtuozzo :Shared RAM : Virtuozzo VPSs generally fails when the hosting server doesn’t have a enough amount of RAM because it depends on virtual RAM it also starts killing processes when server is out of memory.No Virtual device Support : Virtuozzo has a tendency not to allow customized things like VPN/Virtual devices without using of explicit support.Resource Sharing : Using Virtuozzo Virtual Machine, any time one user is utilizing resources such as CPU or RAM highly, then it slows things down for all, even if every servers have similar resources.  

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