Intel Unveils New Technologies for Efficient Cloud Datacenters

Intel Corporation today has unveiled a new portfolio for datacenter products and technologies focused at cloud services.

Intel first announced its plans to “re-architect the data center” a few weeks earlier at the press event in San Francisco.

These new product line is aimed at helping “cloud providers significantly increase utilisation, drive down costs and provide compelling and consistent experiences to consumers and businesses,” says the official press release. Continue reading “Intel Unveils New Technologies for Efficient Cloud Datacenters”

What Is a Mailer-Daemon?

What Is a Mailer-Daemon?

Have you ever received messages from the Mail Delivery system, or “mailer-daemon,” in your inbox? If you’ve, you’ve possibly seen plenty of them. So, what are these messages, and why are you receiving them? It is not personal – simply a computer. Once a message is received by a mail server, the server checks the address to determine if it exists in this server.

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