Importance of Structured Data for Website SEO

To know the importance of Structured Data for website SEO, one should have clear knowledge about what is structure data. So let’s begin with understanding the definition of structure data, and then we will move on to its significant role in website listings and rankings.

What is Structured Data?

Technically structured data is described as the data stays in the particular assigned area within a specific file or record also includes corresponding spreadsheets and databases. I know this is hard to understand clearly, let’s describe this technical definition in simplest form.

Website SEO Ranking

It will be easy for Google to understand & fetch your website if there is the usage of structured data in your website designing code. Structured data is the systematize pattern for providing specific information about a web page and arranging the page content.

For example, VPS9 Networks hosting company’s Facebook reviews, Google reviews, opening & closing time, services etc., these all are the structured data labels that represent your website services or products in a well maintained manner and also users can search for your website through any of the services provided by your website.

Just have a look at the above image representing the VPS9.Net reviews from various hosting review sites. This is done through structured data rich cards at the backend of the website.

How to Implement Structured Data in Website?

It’s not so easy to implement structure data for any website, according to your expectations from your website, the designer need to add the html code to showcase the potential & reliable features of the website. To do so there are many free third-party tools streaming online.

Structured data is also used to set the standardized format of html code, so that the search engine can query, analyze, store and enter the information easily for the specific web page.

All the top rated search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo came to together to create Structure data. Schema is the latest html5 version of micro-data that provides definite set of tags, you can include these tags into html code in sequence to boost your web pages in Search Engine Ranking Pages by timely improving and upgrading your rich snippets displayed online.

Rich Cards are vital additional attributes, these showcases some of the special characters of your website content in SERP’s , thus they are potential and plays the role of magnet by tempting the visitors to visit your website.

Some of the most common Rich Cards used are:

1. Reviews: Customer reviews build the reliable factor of your website.

2. Ratings: Ratings describe how valuable your product or services are.

Star Ratings on Google

Ratings by customers for your website

3. Services/Products: Display your products or services online, for instant Germany Dedicated Servers is the Hosting Service provided by VPS9.Net.

Search Engine Ratings

Google Search Engine Ratings for Services

4. Local Business: Displays the locality of your business through Google maps.

Local Business Map on Google

Search Engine Results of Website Local Business

5. Events: Event is used to announce the special upcoming events of your website or concerts.

Events Details on Google

6. Video: You can add video as a mark-up content to encourage visitors to play and visit your website through it.

Video on Google

Why Structured Data is Significant for Website SEO?

Structure data is the foundation that makes the search engine machines to understand your content better. There are n numbers of reasons to implement structure data, according to Google Search Engine will understand your context in better way and your website will achieve good content distribution for the users.

  • Adding the rich snippets and schema to your website will help you in better interaction with search engines.
  • Also advantageous to get high PR on search engines through the star ratings and reviews.
  • The star review with the reviewer name tempts users to visit the website and shop online.
  • Google has developed Structured Data Testing Tools to test the mark up content of the web pages.
  • Structure Data(Rich Cards & Schema.Org) have the potential to increase the organic traffic and CTR(Click Through Rate), known as the foremost factor for in SEO ranking for any website.


It is significant to implement structure data in every website for good search appearance in search engines. As Google continues its research and update process of how to structure the search for its users, we need to frequently learn and adopt the updated features of structure data to clinch our website at the first for the user’s search results.