What to Choose Live Chat Support or Chatbot Support?

As Live Chat Support and Chatbot Support are increasing on a regular basis, it is the choice of customers to analyse which support system will suffice their Online Business needs.

To boost the customer experience many of the companies are opting chatbots, to keep conversing with customers interminably. But being a customer, it is your choice to opt the type of support provided, that is choosing between Live Chat Support and Chatbot Support.

Here is the detailed information to acknowledge you that what support system is best for your Business.

Support System

Merits of Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support windows is occupied by the Human beings and the one handling support to the customers provide complete tangible solution and go an extra mile to provide apt and tailor made solutions to customers.

– The live chat support members can provide better information to improve the interaction with customer by providing details on offers or discounts or other services to boost lead conversion.

– Live Chat Support provides higher scope for resolving various types of issues by customers, whereas chatbots are limited to answer to limited types of questions.

– Level and quality of customization is higher when it comes to the Live Chat support as compared to the Chatbots.

Demerits of Live Chat Support

– Few of the companies that cannot afford 24/7 support system ends up in depriving the customers with 24/7/365 support.

– To offer 24/7 support the company needs to hire the technical staff and make them undergo training process which is quite expensive.

– The Live Chat Support members must be knowledgeable enough to entertain customers, if they are not then the company might end up loosing potential customers.

– If the support team is not equipped in providing multi-lingual support then the support provided to the clients is limited, whereas the Chatbots are programmed to provide support in multiple languages.

Now know what are the merits and demerits of Chatbot support

Merits of Chatbot Support

– Human intervention is not needed as the chatbots can automatically install and setup the software and applications, if questions regarding such are posed by customers.

Chatbots can easily handle tons of support request efficiently as compared to the Live Chat Support.

– Customers will have to wait for certain span of time to gain the support by the Live Chat support team, whereas the Chatbots can respond to the customers queries within a blink.

– As Chatbot is the software, they are programmed to handle and respond to the queries posed in multiple languages.

Demerits of Chatbot Support

– Chatbots are feeded with standard responses for certain queries, so the scope and efficiency of response by the chatbots if the customer poses different queries other than the feeded ones is not up to the mark.

– Interaction with Chatbots is differs largely compared to the interaction with Live Chat support representative, because the quality and range of response received by both the support system varies.

– The question posed by the customers must be formed grammatically right with proper spellings. Because the chatbots might not be able to respond with apt solution if the query has any spelling errors.

Advanced chatbots are employed by only few of the companies which can afford one. Because advanced chatbots can handle varied queries, even the queries with any spelling mistakes and more, with better efficiency.

Go through the above mentioned merits and demerits of Live Chat Support and Chatbot Support to know which support system is the best and applicable to your business growth.

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