Proxy Server Meaning, its uses and How does it work?

We all use the internet. Maybe technical people use to develop software or implement revolutionary inventions, youngsters use to browse social media or trending topics, housewives use to browse videos of recipes and many more. Will see what is the “Meaning of Proxy Server, its uses and How Does It Work”

proxy server definition

You use the internet but are you aware of the components of this internet what we use? I am sure most of us know but not completely. Yes, the main component is hosting. It may be web hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting and so on. To make your website/database visible to the world, you need hosting. Then to give your website the name, you need a domain. Then comes “PROXY SERVER” into the picture. It is the server which delivers the exact details to the clients. 

Firstly will see what is Proxy Server?

You might be thinking, whenever you ask any query to the search engine, how fast it provides you the answer. But the process is not so simple what you think. The Proxy Server is the server which acts as an intermediary for requests from customers seeking information from other servers.

A client connects to the proxy server, inquiring some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or different resource available from a different server and the proxy server assesses the request as a way to analyze and control its complexity.

Types of Proxy Server

There are 3 types of Proxy-Servers:

1. Tunneling Proxy or Gateway

This type of proxy delivers the unmodified requests and responses

2. A Forward Proxy

It is the internet facing proxy which fetches the data from a wide range of sources

3. A Reverse Proxy

Using reverse proxy a front end to control and protect access to a server on a private network. The important tasks of reverse proxy are load-balancing, authentication, decryption or caching.

How Does Proxy Server work?

At the point when a proxy receives a demand for information from the client, it looks in its nearby cache for the pages. On the off chance that it finds the page, it returns it to the client without expecting to forward the demand to the Internet. In the event that the page isn’t in the cache, the proxy server, which becomes the client to satisfy the client’s query, utilizes one of its own IP delivers to ask for the page from the server out on the Internet. At the point when the page is found, the proxy server relates it to the first demand and advances it on to the client.

Furthermore, Proxy servers are utilized for both legal and illegal purposes. In the undertaking, a proxy server is utilized to encourage security, managerial control or reserving administrations, among different purposes. In an individualized computing setting, proxy servers are utilized to empower client protection and unknown surfing. Proxy servers can likewise be utilized for the contrary reason: To monitor traffic and dig client protection.

To the user, the proxy server is unreal; all Internet inquiries and returned replies appear to be directly with the addressed Internet server. VPS9 VPS Hosting Services[/caption]

Proxy Server Uses

1. To share an Internet connection through LAN

Usually, small businesses and private companies buy a single internet connection. Which is for the single system. We can share the same internet connection through LAN using the Proxy server.

2. Increase Internet Browsing Speed

The user requests for a web page on the internet, this request is delivered to the Proxy which searches in its cache and if the information is available, it is delivered to the client. If the information is not available then the proxy server becomes the client and sends the request over the network through its own IP. It delivers The result to the client by the Proxy server.

3. Improved Security

It enables hiding the original IP address of the client system which makes the client surf internet with an anonymous IP address. Proxy server makes sure that the client’s details are safe from unwanted attacks and access.

4. Internet Access Control

It uses the Proxy server to implement Internet access control like an authentication for Internet connection, time controlling online, filtering Internet web, bandwidth control, and content filter, etc.

5. Bypass security restrictions and filters

The Proxy helps the client to use bypass internet access restrictions and access blocked websites easily.

6. IP-based geolocation restriction

It will ban a few countries from accessing particular websites. Clients can access such websites using a proxy server situated at the whitelist location of the website.

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Conclusion: A proxy server behaves exactly like a server but with addon features. The use of proxy helps you with fast catching of information online. The proxy has both the sides, the brighter side as well as the dark sides in their working. It depends on the user, how they will use the server.

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