Ransomware Attacks – Data Protection Strategy to recover affected data.

Data Protection is necessary when Ransomware attacks are impossible to stop or control them penetrating through Network. Some mandatory Data protection measures listed below to recover affected files. Let us discuss in details about Ransomware attacks and security considerations.

Data Protection

Ransomware Attacks : 

An Attack enter into data centre when user clicks on malicious links. With the help of ransomware downloaded virus it enters into users devices like laptop, servers, VPS, and encrypts the users access to the stored files, connected networks, and server resources. To gain the access, user need to buy an encryption key from attackers. An attackers demanded amount is known as ransom.

Attackers use Bitcoins Currency, help them to hide their identity and location. A user need to pay demanded ransom/bitcoins to gain access to his data. Bitcoin is digital currency, operates independently central bank. It has its own  encryption methods to generate units of currency and acknowledge the transaction details.

Example of Ransomware attacks: 

In an organization When user visit to one of the acknowledged site infected by attackers virus. A computer beams a warning that its been affected and suggest you to resolve the issue. Now Ransomware virus pops up message that  stored files are encrypted and users files are inaccessible, to gain access You must pay $100 Ransom.

Different Data protection strategies to recover ransomeware affected data.

A Ransom demand is depending upon organizations data and operations. This could effect entire organization  network. An expertise support team is required to plan data protection strategies against these attacks. Following  steps depicts the data protection measures that need to be implemented, maintained and updated.

  • An Entire Organization Data need to be protected through replication, snapshots. Or Setup an Encryption method for entire data and backup them in separate devices.
  • Update computer with new software and Operating systems, A New version will have latest patches and avoids such cyber attacks. Attackers can get access on files which has less priority encryption constraints.
  • Its Difficult to stop the Ransomware attacks from network, a common approach to prevent this is, Sending a mail which contains popular website links and enforce to click.
  • A Data protection and data backup process need to be maintained in an organization. An infected Data can be protected once per night. If an attacker infect the file during middle of the day, the user will be left with a good copy of data stored at the time of last protection process.

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