How to Register Domain Name for Your Business

Prior to Domain Registration Process let us discuss about the basic aspects needed to know what is Domain Name & Importance of Domain Name.

Domain Name: In simple words, Domain name is a web address, it is nothing but the unique name you select for your website relevant to your business. A Domain also defines your business in words, similar to your website URL and builds online presence of your business. We can say that domain name is your business identity in the world of the internet and online business.

Domain Registration Process

Importance of Domain Name: Domain name plays a very vital role in building your company’s name and brand over internet across the world. So the owners should select the domain name very wisely. The Domain name also plays vital role for SEO aspects of your website.

How to Register Domain Names?

Registration of domain name is the basic, big and first step for all the businesses that are willing to bring their business online. Some people face difficulties in domain name registration process, but in real-time it is very simple, fast and affordable. A Domain name can be of 2 to 3 words but the max character limit is 63. Domain Name is mainly divided into two types:-

  1. Top-Level Domain Names (TLD):- TLDs are last part of the domain name(.com, .in, .net, .org)
  2. Second-Level Domain Names (SLD):- SLDs are the part of the website URL and also includes TLDs(domain name “” the word “vps9” is second level domain name)

Steps for Domain Registration Process:-

Ahead the registration process select one unique domain name for your website.

  1. Select the unique domain name and check the availability of the selected domain name with your registrar.
  2. Select the hosting service provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider) to host your website.
  3. Set up fixed IP address for your website.
  4. Once the availability of domain you have chosen is confirmed by the registrar, submit the selected domain name to the registrar.
  5. Registrar will ask you for contact details (email address, company address and phone number), registrar need these details for domain registrant’s billing and administrative controls.
  6. The registrar will send the domain name registration request and contact details to the registry (Database of all domain names).
  7. Registry will collect and save the contact details for WHOIS (Internet service used to look up domain name information).
  8. Registry will add your domain name and related information in the master server.
  9. Master Server will notify the other servers on internet, where your domain name and website is stored.
  10. Your registered domain is approved and once you update all needed information your website is ready-to-use.

Bring your Business Online, Select and Register your domain today with easy domain registration process.

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