Far off then assured : MOST SECURE WEB BROWSER IN 2017

Most Secure Web Browser in 2017 (Popular doesn’t mean Always SECURE) Protecting your resources over online is very crucial, as these days we find many malware attacks as well stealing data has been increasing. Threats like phishing, spamming, malicious activities and other attacks on resources should give always high priority for resolving it as soon as possible before it harms overall performances.

Web Browser

As this can easily been improved by best practices of browsing data, you need to be carefully when you open any attachments through mails. Before such process look to that your software of anti-virus has been updated and as latest version of functionality. Best idea is that instant you make sure to use highly secure and reliable web browser.

Most popular available web browser is Google Chrome, but as it has gained much popularity it may not be most secure browser. Due to less popularity other web browser holds less vulnerable attacks, thus popularity is not the final choice. As a fact its greatness makes appeal for hackers to hack the resources easily,out-turn to this chrome is frequently been updated other than major browser.

There are many ways to protect which ever browser you can use it, just need to be careful you certainly make enable updates automatic settings to ensure that the proceeding version which your into use is up-to-date. Additionally appropriate installations must be made with addons as HTTPS or else any ad blockers which is available.

How to select most secure “WEB BROWSER”

Desktop Browsers Google Chrome: Most popular web browser around the world. Its extensions assist to remember credentials easily. 58.53% popularity gained in the year 2017. Mobile browser up-to 55.2%.

Microsoft Internet Explorer: As it is series of graphical web browser. Faster with windows so it has gained upto 19.17% of popularity.

Mozilla Firefox: Runs multiple instances of Plug-in Apps. As it is free and open source web browser with customized toolbar. Popularity gained is of 11.68%. Mobile browser up to 0.55%.

Microsoft Edge: When compare to speed this is best so there are upto 5.55% of usability worldwide. Most important aspects is that features wont ship.

Apple Safari: Default browser on Apple devices so that the usage is upto 3.45% overall. As well mobile bowser popularity gained is upto 29.84%

Opera: This has speed dial feature which makes users to get as much better than expected within timeframe even many users make use of this browser and overall 1.22% usability in the year 2017 as per research study. Mobile browser usability up to 4.62%.

Secure Your Web Browser :

  • Enable Software Automatic Updates
  • Using Antivirus Software
  • Keep cautions while sharing information
  • Be careful while opening any email attachments

Best Addons to boost security of browser :

  • Adblock Plus
  • LastPass – For Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome
  • HTTPS Enable

Increase of malware attacks increases victims that accumulates, secure browsers just not only rely as also savvy users to be stress-free. Always updating browser and use of antivirus software keeps more secure your data anywhere. The above information clearly tells which is the most secure web browser, which ever browser you use each has its own enable settings to secure the resources. So make sure you be up-to-date with latest versions especially when it comes to web browsers.

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