Steps to Create Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Demand for Quality Content is the business trend of 2018, content is the king to drive visitors and customers for businesses and marketers. Quality content has proven it again and again, that it has the capacity to bring more organic traffic, social media popularity and it’s the main pillar to introduce you in the world of online business industry.

Business to Business Content Marketing Strategy

Content is the King, it has the potential to increase conversion rate of your website via converting the website visitors into buyers. But without the good Business to Business Content strategies you can’t create quality and unique content and don’t expect the results from the content.

Steps to create B2B Content Marketing Strategy:

According to the HubSpot research, usually the companies that upload blog posts or fresh website content on regular basis are most often to get 55% more website traffic, 97% of referral links and 34% fast indexing pages.

1. Set the Content Marketing Goal:

Before you decide what content marketing strategy goal you are going to establish, you should be able to answer what is the outcome of the strategy? For Instance, Generation of more organic traffic to the website? New Sign-ups via landing pages? Social media engagement and share? How to analyze success of your campaign? Increase App downloads? Set the clear goal before you start to implement your content strategy. Generally many businesses prefer content marketing strategy with free sign-ups and free-trail sign-ups.

2. Analyze and Understand Your Audience:

B2B Content Marketing strategy is the core to build the unbreakable bond with the audiences that will increase conversion rate for your business, therefore understanding your audience becomes vital. This step is to understand who is going to see, watch and share your created content. So vital step is detail research on demographic, psycho-graphics and audience interests and to create user persona table for better understandings. The effective content topics shouldn’t come from your personal list of topic, and it should be the trendiest topics and satisfying your targeted audience needs.

3. Content Promotion Strategy:

The bitter fact, even the most creative B2B content marketing strategy fails to reach the expected goals without the proper content promotion strategy. Not just uploading and submitting the content to highly ranked search engines but also Effective content promotion strategy will help you reach your business goals. Usually every company set their content promotion strategy based on audience interests, targeted audience, reach, business goals, SEO aspects and analysis.

Types of content promotions:

  • Paid Social Media Content Promotion – Running Paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Paid Content Promotion – Running paid ads on Google Adwords, Bing ads and Yahoo search marketing and other search engines that allow paid ads.
  • Organic Content Promotion – Promoting content on organically through social media platforms, emails and backlinks.

4. Research on Content Ideas and Relevant Keywords:

Go back to business goals from your content strategy, and then brainstorm on content ideas and topics according to your audience interest. Once you select the topic, start research on relevant keywords with high organic search volume and competition. Below are the steps to implement this step for your B2B Content Marketing Strategy.

  • Search on Content Ideas and Terms.
  • Analyze keywords using free keyword tools.
  • Create the worksheet and prioritize the works.

5. Review and Analyze the Results:

Business pioneers track their content strategy results regularly, which help in identifying what’s working for them and what all things they need to work to improve the results. Thanks to the content analytics tools like Google Analytics and Buffer etc, helps in measuring and analyzing the results in detail.


B2B Content Marketing Strategy is mandatory to achieve the good results from the content and get the relevant audience and convert them to buyers with your content. Follow the steps properly and build your B2B content marketing strategy. So Research, Analyze, Plan, Create, Implement, Promote and Get the best results for your business.

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