Cloud Hosting for Businesses

7 Signs and Reasons to Switch Your Business to Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is in trend and will always be since it is found and using. You can see the improvement in your website performance and business productivity you get with Cloud Technology.

Now Cloud Technology has become significant part of humans life, human tendency is to stay updated and use latest technology in day to day life. We use cloud hosting technology in the form of Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, iCloud and many more.

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Merits and Demerits of Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Really Beneficial For Businesses?

Cloud Computing is one of the fast-growing technology all over the world, it’s the best way to move from traditional business software to IT resource.

Let’s analyze and find-out whether cloud computing is boon or bane for businesses.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the trending technology used for delivering of computing services and resources such as server, database, storage, analytics, networking and software over the internet on the selected pay basis. This computing technology is useful for small, large and medium businesses. The reason behind calling it “Cloud Hosting” is we can access any information anywhere-anytime.

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SSD Cloud Server

Worthwhile Reason Behind Migrating for Cloud Server

As this is a big question mark now a days i.e, what are the worthwhile reason behind migrating for cloud server the answer is very simple cloud server is future, because there are possibilities of rapid changes in technology and people are expecting fast performance. As even we cannot left out with this reasons there are many advantages of cloud server to get updated what actually the reason would be so let us research on positive aspects.

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Intel Unveils New Technologies for Efficient Cloud Datacenters

Intel Corporation today has unveiled a new portfolio for datacenter products and technologies focused at cloud services.

Intel first announced its plans to “re-architect the data center” a few weeks earlier at the press event in San Francisco.

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