Internet of Things – Buzzword in Trend

In addition with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, Internet of Things is the trendiest buzzword all over the world and conquers the special importance worldwide. Not only the Information & Communication Technology Industries other Businesses also giving more preference to IOT.

Here arrives the bundle of queries, such as What is IOT? Why is it So Popular? What is it useful for? Let’s take closer tour on IoT and try to answer the above queries.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is the master scheme of Internet Connection, in which every object(human beings, animals and appliances) will assigned with unique identifiers through which they can fetch and transfer data over a network and communicate with each other without human-to-human and human-to-computers interplay.

For better understanding follow the simplest example,

For instance, Take your Refrigerator as a example, Think you are out for the work and you are unaware of the home party held by your parents. General stock of your coke is 12 cans, present in your refrigerator but your parents served the 10 coke cans to guests and as soon as the bottles were picked up you will get the notified in your mail with the no.of cans left. So this will aware you about what’s going on in home and you can shop some more coke cans while returning back home.

Glaring Future of Internet of Things

According to Cisco American Technology Headquarters, by 2020 there will more than 50 billion internet gadgets and users. IoT is becoming the most favoured and trendy in IT industry globally.

  1. Internet of Things – Named as BusinessInsider in 2017, because 82% companies effectuated IoT applications into their businesses.
  2. In last 2 years nearly $700 millions were invested in IoT companies and $4 billion spent on acquisition.
  3. Well known tech gadget brands like Samsung, Google, Apple already implemented and enabled IoT into their core plans.

Impact of IoT on Web Hosting

IoT plays the significant role in web hosting industry, because cloud computing and Internet of Things goes hand in hand. Iot and cloud is inter connected, has the process goes internally connected to provide the best IoT services through specific ISP and Wifi network. Thus the cloud web hosting services get more preferences and people think of choosing Cloud VPS hosting for their businesses.


Do you already own smart phone pr devices? Do you think Internet has changed your life drastically? If yes then be ready to get over the bigger changes in your life through Internet of Things.

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