Things You Need to Know about GDPR

Both large and small Businesses are in preparation of their compliance with the GDPR new data privacy & protection law of Europeans Union. The General Data Protection Regulation should be implemented before the deadline for compliance on 25th May.


GDPR new policy is very important to keep data secured and is applicable for businesses all the customers of European Union or to all the residents of EEA.

Here are the things you need to know about GDPR

What Exactly GDPR Is?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation which goes on-board on 25th May 2018. It is the new digital data privacy and protection policy, that is rewritten by European legislators. The GDPR is designed to “harmonize” data privacy rules across Europe as well as to give better data protection rights to individuals.

Objectives of General Data Protection Regulation

    1. Lend Privacy as a human fundamental right.

    2. Companies that need & handle personal data should capable for managing the data properly.

    3. The companies should give knowledge to their users about how their personal data will be used or handled.

    4. Keeping organization Data Storage more secured, encrypted and safe from security breaches.

What is Personal Data

Generally personal data is anything that identifies any living person directly or indirectly. This may include name, address, geographic location, browser history and IP address. But according to GDPR Personal Data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

What are GDPR Fines?

One of the most talked element of new privacy law is the managers has the power to enforce fine on companies that don’t comply with GDPR before 25th May 2018. The organizations will be fined if they don’t process individual’s personal data in the correct and secured manner. If the organization it requires but doesn’t have data protection officer, it will be fined.

GDPR rights for individuals

  1. Right to access: Every individual have the right to access or ask for copy of their submitted personal data even they can ask the organization about how their data is being used.
  2. Right to modify: Every individual have the right to modify, change and remove any of their personal data at any time.
  3. Right to be erased: Every individual have the right to ask for deletion for their personal data.
  4. Right to object: Individual have the right to disallow the organization for using their personal data for analytics, receive direct email marketing or for any other marketing purpose.

VPS9 Networks is ready and committed to protect & manage your Personal Data more securely by adopting GDPR law in our Privacy Policy applicable for all our European customers. This data protection law will be on-board from 25thMay 2018, kindly go through our newly updated privacy policy for further details.

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