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Our customers requested for KVM VPS Hosting in Russia location. VPS9 Networks’ intention is to provide the best customer support so, in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements, we have successfully launched “Russia KVM VPS Hosting” on our customer’s high demand. russia KVM VPS Hosting

Why VPS9 Networks Launched Russia KVM VPS?

The first and important reason behind the launch of new services is because of the high demand from our customers. The second reason is that it is highly secured and high performing hosting due to the hypervisor virtualization technique.

Why choose Russia KVM VPS Hosting?

There are many reasons so why to choose Russia KVM VPS Hosting but to be more specific I would like to list the most important reason.

Russia Linux KVM VPS Hosting

Affordable plans:
  • Reliable services
  • Free dedicated IP Address
  • Instant Set-up
  • 99.98% Guaranteed Uptime
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Best Network Connectivity
  • 30-days Moneyback Guarantee
  • SSD Storage
  • Full root access
  • IPV6 Enabled
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Choice of OS
  • Free SolusVM control panel
  • Easy Scaling
  • Easy Upgrade/Downgrade Plans
  • VNC Acces
RU-LKVMV11v Core1024 MB1024 MB25 GB SSDUnlimited€ 7.00  BUY NOW  
RU-LKVMV22v Cores2048 MB2048 MB40 GB SSDUnlimited€ 13.00 BUY NOW  
RU-LKVMV33v Cores3072 MB3072 MB60 GB SSDUnlimited€ 19.00 BUY NOW  
RU-LKVMV44v Cores4096 MB4096 MB80 GB SSDUnlimited€ 25.00 BUY NOW  
RU-LKVMV56v Cores6144 MB4096 MB120 GB SSDUnlimited€ 39.00 BUY NOW  
RU-LKVMV68v Cores8192 MB4096 MB160 GB SSDUnlimited€ 53.00 BUY NOW  
Recently, VPS9 Networks was interviewed by “Websiteplanet”. They have included minute details of our services.Russia Windows KVM VPS Hosting Reliable Networks
  • Flexible Plans
  • Instant RDP Access
  • Free IP Address
  • Instant Set-up
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 30 days moneyback Guarantee
  • 200 Mbps Network Connectivity
  • Free Solid State Drives
  • 99.98% Guaranteed Uptime
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Affordable plans
  • Choice of OS
  • Free Scaling
  • Easy Upgrade/Downgrade Plans
  • Free SolusVM control panel
I know these features are more than sufficient to host your business website. So only we came up with such amazing services at an affordable cost.
RU-WKVMV11v Core2048 MB2048 MB25 GB SSDUnlimited€ 13.00 BUY NOW 
RU-WKVMV22v Cores2048 MB2048 MB40 GB SSDUnlimited€ 17.00 BUY NOW  
RU-WKVMV33v Cores3072 MB3072 MB60 GB SSDUnlimited€ 23.00 BUY NOW  
RU-WKVMV44v Cores4096 MB4096 MB80 GB SSDUnlimited€ 29.00 BUY NOW  
RU-WKVMV56v Cores6144 MB4096 MB120 GB SSDUnlimited€ 42.00 BUY NOW  
RU-WKVMV68v Cores8192 MB4096 MB160 GB SSDUnlimited€ 55.00 BUY NOW  

I hope you guys love this and keep on supporting us. If you have any suggestions, feedback, then you are free to comment below.

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