6 key difference between Shared hosting vs VPS hosting

When you first plan to launch your website, the first thing comes in mind is which hosting to choose. The hosting market has many options. You might have heard this “It’s easy to make a good decision when you have many options”. So let’s discuss “

6 key difference between Shared hosting vs VPS hosting and which hosting is best for you ”.

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Choosing the right hosting is essential. Depending on your requirement you should choose the best hosting provider. First of all, let us know the definition of Shared hosting and VPS hosting

Shared Hosting – The server will be shared among many sites. All the server resources will be shared among all websites equally.

VPS Hosting – It imitates dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. The server will be shared but the resources will be dedicated.

6 Key Differences between Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Server Resources

The server will be allocated with maximum available resources such as CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, Traffic, IP and so on.

In shared hosting, all the server resources are shared whereas in VPS Hosting the resources are dedicated. These resources will be shared among all the websites in Shared hosting. Whereas in VPS hosting, each website will be allocated private overall res

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The performance is the major feature for choosing a hosting provider. As the hosting definition itself implies, more resources determine high performance.

In shared hosting, the performance will also be determined by your neighbor with whom you are sharing the resources. The performance will be very low in shared hosting as compared to VPS hosting. If you are planning to host a website with high performance then choose VPS Hosting.


Security is a very important factor while deciding the host. It is very crucial to choose a secured hosting service to keep your data safe.

In shared hosting, the data is more vulnerable to threats as you are sharing the resources with unknowns. Your neighbors may provoke unwanted threats in the network. In VPS you can safeguard your site completely by adopting powerful and robust security.


Beginners usually tend to choose affordable hosting for their business. I believe even pricing is a very important element while choosing the hosting provider.

As compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting is costly. As the resources are similar to a dedicated server, VPS Hosting is a little costly but it is affordable as it provides great services. If you are looking for just affordable hosting then you should choose Shared hosting.

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Technical Maintenance

This includes managing the resources of the hosting. Technical maintenance of the hosting is required to make the websites hosted under the server, to work efficiently.

In shared hosting, the hosts do all the maintenance work so you don’t have to worry. In VPS hosting, you should maintain and manage your resources and you are responsible for the technical maintenance. If in case, you don’t want to do the technical maintenance then you can choose managed VPS hosting where you will be assigned a dedicated manager who will be available for your support 24/7 and handles the VPS completely. VPS hosting is cheaper as compared to managed VPS hosting.

Scalable Hosting

The scalability is the most unifying feature in shared hosting vs VPS hosting. Scalability is nothing but the ability to increase the resources required to host the website. If your hosting plan has a fixed resource then you can pay extra and take additional resources for your website.

Shared hosting is preferred for hosting the website for the short term. If your business is growing the continuing with shared hosting will affect the business as the resources provided are not sufficient and you may need to scale up your resources. In business hosting, the scalability feature is not promised as it depends upon your service provider. Whereas in VPS hosting, you can scale up your resources easily and faster. It is suitable for any kind of website.

Conclusion: We can switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting at any time. If you are a beginner then going with shared hosting and once you are familiar switching to VPS hosting is a wise choice. In this article, the most important points while choosing between shared hosting vs VPS hosting are discussed. According to me, VPS hosting is the right choice but if you want to learn first then go for shared hosting which is very affordable and then move to VPS hosting.

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