Why people create Facebook fake account?

So you might be thinking about the recent update from Facebook regarding the closure of more than 3 billion facebook fake accounts over a period of 6 months. Basically, we will be thinking why is it necessary to close the fake accounts. Of course, Facebook will be in profit by having so many accounts. If you think in this way then it is completely wrong. Now let us see why it is wrong and “why people create a facebook fake account.”

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First of all, let us see “why facebook closed fake account

The word fake itself specify deep negativity. The reason behind the closure of so many fake accounts is to maintain a user-friendly environment in social media. Facebook has always been among the top best social media’s in the world.

They always work hard to manage a secure network which is very safe to its consumer. The Facebook mission is “To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” All companies want huge profit but Facebook does not want profit in return of loss to its users.

Facebook is safe to use?

Many times you might be thinking whether facebook is safe to use. As AI marketing is becoming more and more advanced, we are getting more prone to security issues. It is important to know the safety of the websites we are using.

As facebook is the most common social media used in society, we have to take security seriously.

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Let us see few steps facebook initiated to make the network secure and safe.

Facebook password

Always facebook suggests keeping a strong password. It never allows you to re-use the old password again. The password will be displayed in an encrypted fashion and you have to use a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

Unrecognized login alert

If facebook finds that someone is trying to gain access to your account then you will be notified immediately. Sometimes it happens that you try to access facebook from your friends or family member laptop or mobile but facebook states “unauthorized access”. Then you need to confirm it is you. This is one more initiative from Facebook to keep your data safe.

Two-factor authentication

You have the option to turn on two-factor authentication. Whenever you sign-in through a new system, you have to enter the security code sent to your mobile or email. Later you will get the option to save the used system or mobile for the future.

Logged in systems

You have the option to check which all systems you are logged in. You can even see the time. This helps you to identify unusual access in your Facebook account. You have the option to logout through all the systems you logged-in in the past

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Why people create facebook fake accounts

You might have heard that facebook closed so many fake accounts. Exactly what is a fake account? A fake account is the one that is not authentic. The account created with false information is a fake account. 

Following are the reasons behind people creating fake accountsMarketing

As facebook is one of the biggest platforms to do marketing, people create fake accounts to do marketing. In order to engage their customers, they create multiple accounts and start doing marketing.

Increase page followers

It is an easy way to increase your page followers. These people start the following pages and send you the request to follow their page. I completely agree that even genuine people also send the page to follow request but it will be genuine. These fake people will send thousands of requests in a day.s

Just for fun

Few people think that they cant comment on funny memes using their original account and this may create a bad impression among their friends so for this they create fake accounts and do time pass with their fake accounts.

Testing purpose

Many people out there want to learn more about facebook. Many people do not want their original account to get close so they create a fake account to carry on their experiment.

To hide identity

There exist people who want to follow others whom they know but do not want to reveal their original identity. This may be because they like them or hate them and want to know their updates.

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Creating a Facebook account is easy?

Yes, it is very easy to create facebook fake account but managing the fake account is really very difficult. Facebook has not revealed how they have designed their algorithm to identify the fake account. 

If you have 100 email accounts or phone numbers then you can create 100 facebook accounts. But if you are unsuccessful in managing the fake account then it will be banned immediately.

Conclusion: It is not a recommended option to create an account for marketing. If you really want to do marketing then facebook has provided the option to run advertisements. They have even provided the option to the facebook page, facebook group, listing and so on. I would personally recommend not to create fake accounts as it makes the platform insecure. For suggestions and feedback, comment below.

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