How do I found out My domain Value?

So if you are new to hosting then you should know the definition of a domain and what is domain value. A domain is originally addressed by an IP address which is the set of numbers. The computer does not understand human language and it understands the only binary language but it is very difficult to remember IP address so Domain name came into existence. Domain value is an important aspect of SEO. You should know how to find out the domain value.

A domain name should be simple and it should directly specify its meaning. If you are selling VPS Hosting services then the domain name should contain the word “VPS” ex VPS9.Net, so that the visitor remembers it easily.

As more and more people are getting engaged online to meet their requirements, a Domain name which is the first point-of-contact to visit your website comes into the picture. Moreover, the domain names which are compact, appealing and have high-recall potential can be of great value.

Factors Determining the Domain Value

It is important to know the factors which are influencing the domain value in order to choose the best domain for your business. The top Factors are as follows:

Top-Level-Domain (TLD) used

TLD is the last part of the domain which is present after the .

In the above example, .Net is the Top Level Domain. Depending on your requirement you can choose the top level domain. If your business is in the networks field then you should go with.Net which specifies networks. If your business is commercial then choose .com and many more like .org, .in etc. The most common TLD is .Com and it is valuable.

Remarkable Domain Names

The domain names which can be memorized easily and which are simple gain more domain value. You should be very particular while choosing the domain name as it should have the meaning and can be memorized easily.

Length Of Domain

This is again a very important part specifying the domain value. If the length of the domain is short then it is easy to remember, fast to type and there are fewer chances of typing errors. If you are planning to buy a domain CHECK OUR PLANS

Earful Domains

The domain names which are easy to pronounce as well as easy to read has more domain value. During the discussion with friends or colleagues if the domain name is specified, then it will be easy to remember if the domain name is an earful.

Number in Domain

If you have included a number in your domain then it makes your domain different from your competitors. Ex- VPS is the common keyword used by many hosting companies who sell VPS’s. VPS9.Net stands out to be different among them reducing the length of the domain and also making it simple to remember.

Conclusion:These are some of the important points which determine the “domain value”. The domain name specifies the product/services so you should be careful while choosing your domain name. Domain name adds value to your search engine optimization.

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