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In walk together with technology, we are addicted and dependent on search engines for every single query that arrives in our minds. Browsing on internet is the easiest and trendiest activity for today’s generation to find what’s going near us and get our queries answered. They are the main source that provides answers to our personal questions and basic queries on. Wait a second and crawl your brain about search engine, have you ever thought How Search Engine works?, How Search Engine shows exact results for your queries?

How Search Engine Work

Yes, you may got this thought but you didn’t got the proper explanation and answer for this.

So let’s know in detail about the Search Engines and their process.

What is Search Engine?

Search engine plays the integral role in our daily life, as we clear our every query using search engines. It is a software program that performs various internal activities to produce most relevant search results for your queries based on the words known as keywords entered by the user.

Most Popular Search Engines:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo

Let’s Know How Actually Search Engine Works:

Whenever we search for something, search engine performs 3 internal tasks with its database and brings up the most relevant results for us.

Three Stages:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking and Processing

1. Crawling:

In order to deliver information to user queries and searches, search engine needs to know what relevant information is present in their database.  Crawling step starts with search engine spider, every search engine has their own “spiders”, is software that allows the search engines to crawl (read) and fetch all web pages linked to website. Search engine spider crawls and moves from each page to page and website to website according to link structure based on top ranking websites, content, keyword, meta tags and layout, same as we navigate the website page by page and delivers the relevant information to our queries.

2. Indexing:

Once the spiders start crawling each pages and content of your website, they copy the website code and then indexes (stores) that information in the search engines. Indexing is defined as storing the website information, content and website pages in search engine databases.

  • To elaborate indexing in more understanding way, for a instant consider search engine databases as a library and each website page as a book.
  • In this case if the spider crawls the website and its pages for the first time, then it stores the new book to the library, and if the existing website adds new pages, information or does any changes to the pages spider will crawl these information automatically through robot txt and stores it in the existing book in the library.
  • Every user excepts the most relevant and most recently updated answer for his query, to deliver and satisfy user needs search engines constantly crawls for new and updated information and adds it to the library.

3. Ranking and Processing:

Usually search engines are called as answering machines by users. Whenever you perform a search via relevant keywords, it processes thorough search in their database to provide the relevant result and information for your search. Even the results are based on the website popularity and rankings. Website content relevance and rankings are two most valuable aspects considered by search engines to deliver acceptable results and performance.

  • Every search engine has its own set of website ranking algorithms, most commonly shared ranking algorithm among all the search engines is website Meta titles, tags, heading structures and keywords.
  • According to their algorithms, search engines will display and deliver you the most relevant answers for your query.


 This is how the search engine actually works! The simplest form of very complex process, we should be thankful to the search engine technology and algorithms that provides the relevant answers for our queries in some fraction of seconds anywhere in the world with just a click. Search on Searchers, Search Engines are at your Service 24/7.

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