Latest Google Updates You Need to Know

Google Updates, significant for all online businesses because Google is the master of all Search Engines & it’s ranking algorithms matters lot to run in the race of top ranking websites with targeted keywords. Know the Latest Search Engine Updates to boost your website performance, ranking and traffic.

August and September bought worth-full Google updates including the algorithms, ranking factors and tracking activities.

Recent Google Updates :

1. Advanced Google User Data Control Measures

Till now, google users use to clear their search history in separate user account setting page. According to Company’s Latest updates on User Control Data, user can directly access their data on the current search page through the hamburger menu at the left side above the search box.

  1. Once the user tap on the menu, can access his data in search, can view and edit his recent search history with the timings, can clear directly select the search history and delete it.
  2. On the same page user can check and set the privacy settings for his google account.
Google Updated Your Data in Search Google User Data Control Updates

2. Website Google Search Console Stats in Search Engine

Google updated the search appearance of the sites, now the realtime search console statics of your website will be appeared on Google’s search engine page.

These realtime statistics appear in “Detail Dashboard” includes Impressions, Clicks & Average Position, these results are appeared in Google’s SERP only for verified site owners.

Google Search Console Stats
Real-time Google Search Console Stats

3. Google Tracks Your Location – You Like It or Not

According to the brief exploration of Associated Press, Google will track your location and movements even if you like it or not,even when you have updated your privacy settings.

The biggest reason behind this is installation and usage of Google Apps and Services like Google Maps, Weather Checking on many Android and iPhone devices.

So the Google Tracking benefits the Investigation departments as well as the online businesses for audience targeting.

4. Google Assistance New Updates

In the end of September,Google gifted its assistance with catchy makeover. Google Assistance – most popular, personal digital assistant that answers the queries like, online calling, set alarms, play online music celebrated its 2nd birthday in September.

Google gifted its assistance with fresh makeover. The changes are made to the core that will be easier to use for both the users and marketers. Below are the recent Google Updates on Assistance.

  • Effective Personalization
  • Upgrading Visual Experience
  • Selling Digital Products & Services Online

The above updates on Google Tools is and will always be beneficial for Google users as well as online businesses. Study the recent updates and be on top of Google’s SERP.

Conclusion :-

Keep yourself updated with latest Google Updates for better rankings and traffic. Let’s continue this habit of studying and implementing fresh GOOGLE updates Services, Tools and Algorithms.

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