Reasons for Sudden SEO Traffic Drop to Your Website

SEO plays the vital role in bringing organic traffic to your business, service, product, blogs and e-commerce websites. SEO is the main source for website traffic and high ranking results on search engines.

What will be the biggest nightmare of Online Businesses, Bloggers and Portals? Any guesses? You are wrong, if your answer is less number of sales. The biggest nightmare is sudden search engine traffic drop for their websites. Traffic is the base for the websites that converts into sales later. Stop expecting magic from search engines and have fresh look on your website, find out the reasons for sudden drop in organic traffic.

Reasons Behind Sudden SEO Traffic

We are here to help you with some of the major reasons for Sudden SEO Traffic Drop. Let’s know in detail about the reasons for this.

Reasons behind Unexpected SEO Traffic Drop

Latest Google Algorithm : Google Fred is the recently updated algorithm, it is the reason for sudden traffic and ranking drop for many websites. Google Fred mainly affected to organic website rankings, ad allowing sites and bad back linking websites.

  1. Google Algorithm Update : Google is mainly known for updating ranking algorithms on regular basis to provide more relevant and showcased results to its visitors. Very recent Google Algorithm update, probably have broken the disaster resulting in sudden organic traffic drop. It is tough to know about the Google recent algorithm updates instantly. Generally Google uses Penguin and Panda to assessment the websites.
  2. Loss of Powerful Back-links : Every website will be linked with some strong backlinks that will be the source for bringing the organic traffic. You might have removed the powerful back-link sites, due to some seasonal changes or website design. This results in sudden traffic drop as you lose the organic traffic coming from the associated backlinks.
  3. Not Indexed Properly : Submit your website pages to all the search engine webmaster tools on regular basis and keep the record of the indexed urls, crawled urls and crawl errors. For Instance “” to check the whether Google has indexed your website pages or not, check the index status in webmaster tools. Make sure you are using canonical urls and don’t ever try no-index option.
  4. Lost Rankings over Competitors : Check if you have lost your search engine traffic over your competitors. Have a detailed look to your competitor analysis check website pages, backlinks, on-page seo, and updated fresh content. Check your competitor’s internal and external linking strategy which assists in boosting their organic traffic. Even paid ads of your competitors can be the reason for your organic traffic drop.
  5. Website Loading Time : Visitors will never wait more than 5 seconds on your website if your website pages take lots of time to load. This increase bounce rate of the website and decreases the visitors rate. Reason behind website loading time is images size, internal links, loads due to content, Webmaster Crawl errors and many other reasons.
  6. Duplicate Content Usage : Usage of duplicate content in the website pages, tags and products significantly causes website traffic drop. The Results of Duplicate Content Usage are unsatisfied user experience and crawler gets confused while crawling and indexing the website content.


Conclusion: Keep update of your website search engine traffic. Whenever you find sudden traffic drop, first conclude whether it is whole website, generalized or associated to specific page of your website. Always follow the instructions of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing). Check with all the above reasons and fix them accordingly.

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