The Stress-Free Website Redesign Process

Your website is ready with the design but you are not satisfied with the design? Are you thinking of website redesign based on the current trends? Are you looking for some alternative to redesign your website?

With the growing technology, it is very important to be updated always. If we are marketing our business products or services online then it is very important to keep the website updated.

Today we will discuss the important steps for the stress-free website redesign

1. Organize your website structure

This is the first step. Decide your pages which you want to showcase and organize the structure of your website. Compare your old structure with your new structure.

After comparing both the structures try to eliminate the unnecessary sections of the website.

2. Website features-

Decide the website features you want to include in your new design. This step will make your work simpler by drawing an outline of the website.

Based on the customer’s interaction decide the elements you want to include on your website.

3. Decide the Main goal

There are different types of websites such as informational, online shopping, charity, portal and so on. So decide your main goal and implement the type of website.

Based on the type of website, including the strategy. Whether you want to get calls from your customers or emails or chats. You can even plan for directional based strategy if you have a service based business.

4. Exclude unwanted data

As you are redesigning the website, you are already aware of the website and you know which part of the website is required and which part is not required then make a list of the unwanted parts of the old website.

Keep this list and while website redesigning make sure that you are not including these in your website design

5. Include required social media

Social media increases the website engagement so try to include the top most social media which you manage daily and update it in your redesign.

The social media brings traffic to your website. In the recent updates, social media are using the technologies which are very beneficial for the website.

6. Finalize the time frame.

Once you have finalized with your redesign concept, it is very important to finalize your time frame also because time is very important. Creating a great website will take lots of time but deciding the time frame will keep you sincere towards your work and the website will be completed sooner which is a must.

Try to keep the time frame restricted so that you can make your redesign live soon.

7. Make homepage convincing

The homepage is precious to the website to make sure that the home page is designed in such a way that it depicts the motive of the entire step.

If your home page is convincing, then your website visitors will be interested to view your website else it won’t interest them. The homepage is the first impression for the viewers.

Conclusion :-These are few tips to include in your list while planning to redesign the website from the scratch. Implementing the stress-free website redesign is easy if you maintain this checklist.

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