Upgrade Existing Installations – WHMCS with Softaculous

Web hosting billing and automation platform: Assist your needs of selling, managing domains and required services along with high level of automation. WHMCS is an all-in one client management, support solution as well as billing for online businesses. One of the powerful automation tool which assist during firmly manage within complete platform such as from initial level of signing up till the end level of termination. WHMCS is available – can easily install and upgrade existing installations to WHMCS with Softaculous.

WHMCS with Softaculous

Key Features:

  • Fully Optimized
  • Contextual Sidebars
  • Complete dynamic searching
  • Clear Client Notifications
  • Completely user interface

Manage web hosting services in WHMCS

Here is below mentioned Installation process

WHMCS is installed with Softaculous script manually or by installer, then access to admin dashboard. Here you can manage settings as well configuration for your hosting services.

In Admin summary where you can find setup from there you can go to products/services, as soon as you continue with this you will find drop down i.e, products/services, configurable options, products addons, products bundles, domain pricing, domain registrars, servers.

Create a new group and enter name so that products will be organized then save changes. To create new product you can view option of “Create a New Product” From their select product type and enter the name as per you want to display it, then continue.

Now you can easily view product configuration page, this is the setup from here you can configure aspects of this product. Same you can configure for other added products, very easy if you update it carefully.

  • Details menu
  • Pricing menu
  • Module setting menu
  • Custom settings menu
  • Configurable options menu
  • Upgrades menu
  • Free domain menu
  • Other menu
  • Links menu

WHMCS with Softaculous

The entire performance will be faster, upgrading existing software would fix current bugs and will stop experiencing crashing and faults, also even more feature can be added. New functionality can be added which results in productivity, improves in security aspects. Paying for software installation will be worth for businesses. As soon as you upgrade new software it starts providing best in performance and will be able to work on new existing considerations without any failures. Thus, WHMCS with Softaculous provides you best as expected during entire functionality.

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