Business Data and Cataclysm

Preventative Protect Your Business – DATA and CATACLYSM

To filter out from spam, malware attacks and other harmful activities over file types ensure that you have very effective endpoint such as email protection and networks protection. There are always possibilities before facing difficulties along with your essential resources of business. Lets have view over crucial consideration about how preventative protect Business Data and Cataclysm with clear point of view.

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WHMCS with Softaculous

Upgrade Existing Installations – WHMCS with Softaculous

Web hosting billing and automation platform: Assist your needs of selling, managing domains and required services along with high level of automation. WHMCS is an all-in one client management, support solution as well as billing for online businesses. One of the powerful automation tool which assist during firmly manage within complete platform such as from initial level of signing up till the end level of termination. WHMCS is available – can easily install and upgrade existing installations to WHMCS with Softaculous.

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Doxware - New online threat

Doxware – Next level of Ransomware online threat

Just now enterprises deployed secured layer to avoid Ransomware attacks, Doxware took this vulnerability to the next level. By exposing the data publicly when ransom is not paid. As of now it has affected only Windows. Is it new or Just a rename for extortionware attacks? Let us know What is this latest online threat is about and how it works.

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