Doxware – Next level of Ransomware online threat

Just now enterprises deployed secured layer to avoid Ransomware attacks, Doxware took this vulnerability to the next level. By exposing the data publicly when ransom is not paid. As of now it has affected only Windows. Is it new or Just a rename for extortionware attacks? Let us know What is this latest online threat is about and how it works.

Doxware – Definition


A Most awful form of malware attack that involves in researching and broadcasting the sensitive data of individual/Organization known as Doxxing. Combination of Doxxing and ransomware is known as Doxware. Here the attacker can keep the encrypted data or Expose it publicly When demanded ransom is not paid. This Attack is also known as Extortionware attack.

Example Of Doxware Attack :

When Attackers get access to Victim files, Personal files, They Encrypt them and demand the ransom amount. If the Ransom is not paid within/on time, there is risk of sensitive data getting exposed world wide. The attacker can have complete access to these files and ask ransom more than once.The attackers can victim More individuals in an Enterprise or an entire enterprise more than once. This can lead to command high ransom.

Data Loss Prevention Strategies to recover Doxware Encrypt Victim Files

  • Many Organizations have hefty backup solutions to restore the data. Prior detection and mitigation solutions are necessary to implement to avoid Doxware attackers get complete access to backup server and dominate on it. Use Suitable Data loss prevention software to stop data leakage and filter the outgoing traffic.
  • As doxware is an updated version of Extortionware, there are the chances to get mass-target phishing attacks to farm for doxxing targets and ammunition. Use Remedy program already built by cybersecurity company.
  • Attacker run Small compaigns of doxware to attack target files. Hence do not Click sketchy Emails or Open Attachments sent from strangers. Encrypt all your personal yet important files and backup them regularly.

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