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You might have come across the word “blog” while browsing the internet. I am sure at that moment this keyword might have created confusion in your mind. Usually, you might have read “Start your own blog” or “Earn with your blog”. So let us “ Define a blog and know the definition which simplifies the meaning of a Blog

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Define a blog

In simple words, a blog is defined as “regular update of the webpage in a website which is usually written in a conversational manner”. You might have experienced the difference between an article and a blog. A blog is written in such a way that it creates an aura which makes a person think. Nowadays blogging has become a business but this was not the case in the past.

Advantages of blog

As you have already read the definition of a blog, now let us see the advantages of blogging. A blog can be beneficial in a number of ways. 

Higher ranking

The blog is a way to gain more traffic to your website which in turn will reduce the overall

bounce rate on your website

, more time will be spent on the website, increase your

domain value

, etc. If the blog is written in an engaging manner then it will be ranked higher, which is very beneficial for the website.


We can make use of a blog to do our products and services marketing. You can select a topic related to your product and explain it in a small paragraph about the product. Blogging is a simple way to market your product and services. You can even include a backlink to your service page which makes the user browse across your website

Fan followers

Blogging is a great way to increase your followers. Many housewives have become famous in a span of few days with blogging. With the help of a blog, you can keep your heart out. You can write your personal life or write about techniques useful in day to day life or it may be a food recipe, blogging is the solution.

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Brand awareness

Blogging is a great way to create brand awareness. Blogging creates a great impression on your current customers as well as help you to find new customers. If you put great efforts in your content then you can engage a great number of people in your blog which will make your brand famous.

Improve your writing skills

Blog writing helps the writer to improve the writing skills which helps to improve the personality. It also helps to learn new technologies and new updates. Blogging is the perfect way to improve your skills and add a plus mark on your career growth as well.

Network building

It is a way to get followers on your social media as well. As the content influence the reader, Blogging turns out to be a method to convince the reader to follow your brand.

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Types of blog

There is a varied list of blogs. It depends on the type of blog which is suitable for your business. Let us see the different kinds of blogs and how they are unique from one another.

Personal blogs

As the name itself simplifies the meaning. Personal blogs are the ones where the writer keeps the heart out. The personal blogs are usually to write your personal views, experience, motive and so on. In personal blogs, there are no limitations nor the writer have to follow any rules. If you want to start with personal bogging then there is no need for you to buy web hosting services

You can start blogging with free platforms such as blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and so on. If you want to set up a proper blogging site then I would suggest you go for an affordable VPS Hosting

Business blog

This kind of blog completely focuses on the business. Business blogs are usually written for the business we own or a part of the business. The main motto of business blogging is to gain more awareness among the customers, high traffic, and increased customers for the business. 

Business blogs are written in order to provide a better understanding of the products and services they sell. For example, Web hosting companies will write blogs on their new services added to the company or the new offers they are providing. Web hosting companies also prefer to make their services clear to the reader to make a choice among the available services.

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Professional bloggers

These are the bloggers who choose to blog as food and shelter to them. They make money with blogging. Professional bloggers do business with their blogging and earn huge profits by doing marketing. In order to enter into professional blogging, you should make sure that you receive huge traffic to your website.

In professional blogging, you cant use free hosting services as you will not be able to run advertisements on that platform. If you want to build a very big website then I should choose a dedicated server. If you want to pay as you use the service then you should choose Cloud Hosting and if you want affordable hosting with dedicated services then you should choose VPS Hosting.

Niche-Specific Blogs

If you want to target a specific niche completely then you can go with the niche-specific blogs. Instead of focussing on a broad category, then niche-specific blogs become viral in no time. The disadvantage in these kinds of blogs is that you cant target very large traffic but it is very useful while seeking for niche-specific traffic.

If you want to go with a niche-specific blog then choosing a fast web hosting is a good choice. Free web hosting services will be of no use and you will not be able to take advantage of your blogs if you are hosting with free web hosting services.

Guest posting Blogs

These kinds of blogs have become common these days. These kinds of blog content will be written by a third person and posted on somebody else’s website. The biggest use of guest posting blogs is to gain backlinks to your original website. Many small scale companies and beginners, start gaining traffic to their website with the help of your website. It is beneficial for both the persons in some or the other way. We will discuss this in our upcoming blogs.

So if you are planning to build a guest posting blog website then you will not be able to do with free web hosting services. As a lot of bloggers will be looking out for this service, choosing web hosting services with the best feature will be a great decision.

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Freelance Bloggers

So these will not have a website and they will not write blogs for their website. Others who are not able to provide desired blog content to their customers will contact freelancer bloggers to write content for them and get paid. This is a very effective way to earn money in your free time.

There is no need to design your website. If you want to reach the customers then you can write a few sample content and create a website with free web hosting. This is really effective to grab a lot of traffic to you for freelancer blogging.

Conclusion: I have covered most of the concepts in the topic “Blog definition and how to define a blog”. In this digital era, we have to know the real meaning of the blog and the different kinds of blogs to earn a living with our content. Blog definition helps us to make money and also help us to market our business.

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