Choose the Right Control Panel

Control Panel is the way to efficiently handle your web hosting account and service via a simplified user-interface, making the hosting way more simpler. Control Panels are designed with complete suite of tools to make hosting a website, application or projects more attainable.

Control Panel

Choosing a control panel for easy management of web hosting service is very important and crucial aspect. There are various useful panels for efficient handling of your web hosting service like cPanel, Plesk panel and many more. But selecting the one, more apt for your business need to be done carefully. So in this article you will get to know the comparison between the two most preferred control panels, i.e cPanel and Plesk panel.

Overview of cPanel Control Panel

A linux platform based control panel with user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with abundant set of tools designed to streamline the working process of web hosting. The functionality of cPanel is customized to meet requirements of cPanel end-users, administrator and resellers. cPanel works well with Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IMAP, POP3 and other email based services/applications.

Overview of Plesk Control Panel

Plesk control panel can be used to handle website or applications based on both Linux and Windows platform. Plesk control panel allows its users to effortlessly set up and design cloud platform based application and websites, easy database management and other crucial services. Now Plesk Onyx is the new upgraded version of Plesk with whole new functionalities.

Now let us know the comparison between cPanel and Plesk control panel

Graphical User Interface

cPanel provides easy handling for end users through the easy-to-use interface and allows access through API to carry out administration tasks. Plesk is considered to have more complex-free and attractive interface with tailor-made tools compared to cPanel. But cPanel has the better popularity which makes it most preferred one.

Operating System

cPanel is a linux-based control panel and supports the operating systems like CentOS, RedHat and others. Where as Plesk works well with both Linux and Windows operating systems.


cPanel control panel is quite affordable than Plesk control panel.


cPanel loads the website pages more faster and ensures high performance of your website compared to Plesk panel. cPanel has been successful in speeding up the page load time within the panel.

Security tools

Both Plesk and cPanel comes with different set of security tools for ensuring higher security. cPanel comes with auto SSL certificate installation and password-protected directory. Plesk panel security tools includes fail2ban intrusion prevention, email antispam and integration of active directories.


Both cPanel and Plesk control panel eases the process of migration of website form one server to another.

Support for new technology

Plesk offers support for new features like Docker support, Git support, DNSSEC support and others. Where as cPanel yet does not support for new technology.

Check out the above mentioned key aspects and decide on to what control panel must be chosen that support for trouble-free management of your web hosting service and your work. Also there are control panels like DirectAdmin, ISPManager, ZPanel, SolusVM, Webuzo and more for efficient handling of web hosting service.

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